Monday, July 6, 2009

Words I Hate, Vol. 3

I am somewhat indignant. I make a habit of stopping by either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on the way home from my daily walk, and generally I will get some form of a nonfat vanilla latte. On occasion I will "splurge" on a coffee (light) frappuccino or Dunkin's answer to that, the coffee coolatta. I am indignant because today I stopped by one of my local Dunkins (they are nearly as prevalent as Starbucks around my area) for a coolatta (it was hot today, so I wanted the ice). What I got was the color of mud and didn't taste much better. Mind you, I ordered my drink with nonfat milk to cut the fat and calories, so I expected it to be a bit darker than the pictures, but I have ordered the same drink before and it had been lighter colored. I asked the girl who had made it, and she told me that it always looks like that when you use nonfat milk. I tasted it while there and it didn't seem too bad, so I left. Bad got worse with every sip. It tasted like she had made it with 90% coffee syrup and 10% ice. I went home and dumped it in a blender with more ice, and actually put milk in it this time...and lo and behold, it was actually the drink I ordered. Sheesh, people, don't say you made it right when you clearly didn't!!

I have Cicely to thank for my second rant today, and the third about words I hate. I apologize to those who already know the difference, but it really irks me when people confuse their, they're and there. For the uninitiated, here's a little trick to tell the difference. They're is easy to remember, since it's the only one with an apostrophe. It is the contraction for the words "they are." If you are not using a sentence where you can replace "they're" with "they are," you are using the wrong word. For the other two, you need to look at the words without the initial T for a clue. Their is a possessive, like "my" or "our." When you remove the T from "their", you are left with the word "heir," a person who receives property, reminding you of the possessive. When you remove the T from "there," you get the word "here," a location. "There" is also a location, so "here" will remind you that "there" is the location word. I hope my written explanation will help at least one person not confuse them anymore! 
English lesson/rant over.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new Poetry Challenge! That means tonight is the last chance to submit a found poem.

Haiku News

Ethnic tensions cause
rioting in Xinxiang, now
one-hundred-plus dead.

Franken to senate;
Never was funny before,
certainly not now.

Scumbags of the day:
scalpers attempted to sell
free Jackson tickets.


Mimi said...

Silly barista. Well, I guess that's not what they'd be called at Dunkin' Doughnuts - but whatever her title, she sure didn't know how to make what you ordered! I'm glad you could fix it. :-)

Anonymous said...

"I have Cicely to thank for my second rant today..."

You're welcome. :D

(Not "your" welcome. While I hope to have your (not "yore") welcome to your blog, that is not...the Right Word.

It's the left one.)


Which reminds me....It's/its. Grrrr....

(BTW, if you diapprove of stinky bad pun cooties all over your blog, you should probably warn me now.)

And now....
Haiku News Commentary

By what I have read,
The Uighurs have just cause
To be so upset.

No opinion on
Whether Franken's funny, but....
It's sure Coleman ain't.

Without disrespect,
I hope for some other news
With Michael buried.


Minerva said...

Mimi--yes, I doubt the DD employee would ever merit the title of "barista." She shouldn't even really merit the title of "employee." Sheesh.

Cicely--agreed on all 3 of your commentaries. As for puns, one of my guilty pleasure reads is Piers Anthony's Xanth series, which is rife with puns. I actually love no worries there.

PsychicPagan said...

Thank you--I really enjoyed reading your blog. I've ranted about the same misuse of words often myself, and have frequently been surprised by the number of folks who have no clue why "their going to go bowling" or "she axed me" or "your looking nice today" drive me crazy.

Keep up the good work!


Minerva said...

Melissa--thanks for your comment. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone in my ranting about proper use of English. You may be interested in my new endeavor into which I will be delving tonight!