Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If you leave me now...

This morning I woke up with that Chicago song in my head. You know, the one that goes "If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me..." I had to chuckle since if I had my baby, he would basically be taking away the biggest part of me right now (i.e. my belly). I crack myself up sometimes.

While the beginning of this pregnancy really dragged for me (anxiety will do that, I suppose), the end has really been flying. I have a huge list of things I still need to do that I compiled while I was supposed to be napping the other day, and only a few of them have been accomplished. My work is cut out for me since I am still tired, itchy (bug bites, ugh!!) and increasingly cranky. At least the weather the past few days has been mercifully in the 70s. No such luck for the upcoming weekend, but then the in-laws will be in town to assist with the toddler, who is slowing down for no one. It should be a nice visit--their last until the little brother arrives. Hard to believe that d-day is no more than 23 days away! We may take an induction date on the 19th if I am showing enough signs of readiness; we shall see as that date approaches.

Monday, June 21, 2010


By request, I will post today so my mom can see my baby ticker. :) I passed the 35 week mark on Friday, which also happens to be when I had 35 days left. I always thought that particular milestone is kind of fun. The next one I have to look forward to is July 2, when I will be 37 weeks, or full term. It's pretty amazing to me how quickly this last few weeks (even a few months?) have gone. I am now to the stage where little one's movements are increasingly becoming uncomfortable, yet I still relish feeling them since I know I will miss it when he is born. I am looking forward to seeing how similar or different he will look from my big boy, though for quite awhile now I've had a feeling he will look different. I guess we'll see in a few weeks if I was right.

I hope someone else might jump in and write a Gaga-inspired poem; I enjoyed writing mine and Cicely's was a hoot as well. Check them out on my last post if you missed it!

I woke up from my nap this afternoon with a few small ideas for that novel I wrote way back in November, and I am thinking it's a sign that I should try to actually do some edits on it before the baby comes. I hope I keep that motivation for when I actually have the time (after I put the boy to bed). I'll let you know if it worked. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

I did it!!

I finally wrote the Gaga poem I was hoping to write. I won't make this an official Poetry Challenge because it was so difficult for me to do, but you can certainly join in if you like.

I settled on Lady Gaga's "Telephone," mostly because I decided it's the only one of her songs I don't completely despise. Also, I think this cover of it is one of the cooler things I have seen recently on YouTube.

If you liked that, check out Pomplamoose's other videos on YouTube, I haven't seen a bad one yet.

So, on with the poem. A tiny bit of background: the other reason I chose that song to poem-ize is that while I thought the sentiment expressed (wishing to free herself from unrealistic expectations of a boyfriend) was admirable, I don't think she expressed it nearly strongly enough. So here's my poetic version of the song.

Leave Me the Hell Alone
(inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”)

Before you can say anything,
just listen to me speak.
I saw the million messages,
the texts you sent, you freak.

You could have made your plans with me,
but you just blew me off,
so now you can go kick some rocks,
I’m sick or something. *cough*

Just because you changed your mind
won’t make me change mine too,
I made some plans with my girlfriends,
I’m not stuck to you like glue.

Your pathetic badgering
only drives me away,
so why don’t you go get a life?
I have my own, OK?

I dare you to pick another song (or even the same one!) and take a crack at poemifying it! Go on, who's it gonna hurt?

Completely off that topic, but I wanted to add this: if you are looking for a cause to support for a Pepsi grant, please check out Give Kids the World. They sponsor trips for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to Florida to enjoy the various theme parks. Here is the link to vote for them; the top two will win $250,000. I can't think of a better cause.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So, that happened.

As in, I had an idea for something to write and now I can't seem to wrap my brain around it. This is unfortunately not the next blog post I had in mind to write, but it will have to do for now. Perhaps I will be able to get that Gaga poem going soon, but we will be out of town this weekend so I'm not sure when I will be able to work on it. Sigh.

In other news, our boy is coming up with new and amazing things to say every day lately. My mom came to visit us yesterday after spending a week in London with my nephew, and brought him back a toy double-decker bus. He calls it the "London bus" and loves it (which surprises no one). He can jump up and down while holding onto something (i.e., crib rail, couch arm, Mommy). It's pretty funny to watch him try to jump without holding on to things, though. He just kind of bounces on his toes and flaps his arms around. He can also point out where Baby Brother is and say "I luff you" and kiss my tummy. Awwww.

Baby boy is still going strong. He is slowly trading his hard kicks for more subtle rolls and stretches, but he will quite often find a position that will cause at least mild discomfort. However, I will take any pain he wants to dish out, it will all be more than worth it in the end.

Finally, in browsing around blogs I follow, this article caught my eye. I love when poetry can help in changing someone's life, and this is one of those times.