Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 3!

Pretty much everywhere I look, it might as well be Independence Day already. I can hear near neighbors attempting to set off fireworks. BBQ grills have been working overtime. Outdoor patios of restaurants are brimming with folks taking advantage of some warm but not-too-warm weather. Ahh. This is the kind of summer I like. Even though I think an ant bit my pinky toe on my left foot while dining al fresco tonight. Oh well.

My darling husband didn't make it home until at least 9:30 last night, but he didn't have to go in today, so that was nice to have him around. We'll have a BBQ to attend tomorrow afternoon, and it's kind of funny because we celebrated the same holiday with the same couple throwing this BBQ last year. The funniest thing is that it was probably in the 60s that day and we were celebrating at a park downtown, and I had not brought our poor little 4 month old any kind of jacket or even socks! I felt terrible that it was so cold. He made it through fine, I just felt like a bad mommy. Clearly, though, he survived to see his next 4th.

If you haven't seen it, Paige took some time out of her holiday to post a found poem on the thread, please check it out!

Haiku News

Palin stepping down
as Alaska governor;
eyeing 2012?

Douchebag Sanford heading home
to spend 4th with family--
gee, won't that be fun!

Here's a shocker, folks:
speed eating potentially
harms competitors!


Mimi said...

Have a fun fourth, and take the boy a jacket and socks just in case. :-P

Pre race jitters here,
wondering how it will go.
Hope for a fast time!

Anonymous said...

Haiku News Commentary

A breath of scandal:
The Blogoverse's theories
Of Sarah's motives.

Disclosure of new
Ethical violations?
Caught embezzling?

Maybe a new gig
As a radio show host
Or Fox News pundit?

Perhaps clearing decks
For her Presidential run
In Twenty-Twelve?

Can she be weary
Of the constant scrutiny
Of the media?

All these surmises,
And others yet unconceived,
Run wild on the 'Net.

Minerva said...

Mimi--I will bring him a jacket, he will probably have to wear it en route since the lovely weather doesn't look too great. I am proud of you and your race!

Cicely (I presume)--
Agreed, they won't stop buzzing about that one for awhile.
I'd love to see you submit a found poem!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that was mine. Sorry. The Husband and I had to leave to catch Monsters vs. Aliens, so I gave it a quick final look-over and hit "publish your comment".

The problem with Finding Poetry is that, really, I'm not all that aware of the lyrics to most songs. I are an instrumentalist, and generally, that's what I mostly get out of a song---a tendancy that's not without its embarrassing moments! (Really? That's what that song is about???)


Minerva said...

Cicely--I can understand your reservations there, then, but you don't have to "find" poetry in song lyrics. It's the easiest thing to do if you do listen to them (although I got mine courtesy of a website that listed all the lyrics to all of MJ's songs), but you can find poems (as Mimi did) in news articles, or in the thesaurus (as Paige did). I'd just advise to look around you with a "poet's eye".

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and see if anything comes to me. Meanwhile...

More Haiku Speculation

Perhaps Palin wants
To establish residence
In another state?

Something more....southy.
More densely populated.
Florida? Georgia?

A population
Extremely conservative--
In the Bible Belt.

Give it a few years
And all this cut-and-running
Will be forgotten.

Minerva said...

CIcely--I shall continue to watch with interest, though not affection, Palin's doings. I doubt that the democrats will let people forget her cut-and-running if she decides to make a bid in 2012. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

She's definitely like a really bad train wreck; just can't look away!

My own (inadequately-evidenced) opinion is that she's simultaneously bored with running humdrum ol' Alaska, so far from the bright (camera) lights, and ducking out ahead of potentially career-ruining revelations of financial impropriety in office, and wanting to rake in the cash to be gained speaking to conservative audiences (I understand there's a pretty penny to be made, by the right person, in the personal appearances field--and you could argue that, as a former beauty contestant, she has previous relevant experience), and wanting to line up a Limbaugh-esque radio show. If the extreme right wing is willing to tune him in year after year, I'd say she's got a good shot. And, maybe, she can get some good scriptwriters to put less ditzy-sounding, under-informed, proudly-ignorant words in her mouth.

Much as I'd like to see a woman President in my lifetime....she ain't it.


Anonymous said...

Correction; make that smugly-ignorant.

(Don't ya just hate it when the right word won't come to mind? Oh, wait...what's the name of this blog again?) ;)


Minerva said...

Cicely--ha, agreed. I am disappointed that she is among the first female potential candidates in quite awhile. I'm not a huge Hillary fan either. I am still hopeful someone more appealing will emerge eventually.