Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fake-out

Today was one of those days where, after my walk, I cursed See, I saw earlier that they predicted at least 50% chance of thunderstorms all afternoon, and naturally I thought it wise to go out in a shirt with sleeves and long pants. WRONG! It was at least 80 but felt a lot hotter thanks to really high humidity. Then the sun came out about halfway through the walk and it was blazing. Luckily I carry the boy's sunscreen with us at all times and quickly applied it, but man, was I sweating by the time we came back. Of course, my dog took her sweet time going to the bathroom afterwards, too. Ughhh. But at least I got out there at all--I was dreading having to stay inside all day.

I will have to closely watch the predictions for tomorrow, as my training schedule calls for a 10-mile run. It will be good to know whether I should try to get up early to get out there before it gets too hot, or if I can risk waiting till naptime at noon to venture out. I have done this distance before, but not since a 10-mile race in May, and for some reason it seems particularly daunting today. Perhaps I will have to actually go to bed early tonight so I will feel better prepared. 

Haiku News

Assholes of the week:
resold gravesites, kept the cash,
discarded bodies!

Very same bastards
managed to neglect coffin
of poor Emmett Till.

GM plans to sell
L.A. used cars on Ebay;
should start at a buck.

Florida couple
who adopted twelve children
killed in robbery.

First time in ten days
only two Most Popular

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Mimi said...

My brain in in knots, and I've been responsible for shredding at least a shrub if not a small tree. Maybe sonnets just aren't my 'thing'! :-P I'm still trying, though.