Friday, July 24, 2009

Free-form Friday

I am glad it's Friday; again, because my darling husband will be home for two whole days. We have tickets to see some very funny gentlemen tomorrow night, and otherwise we will just relax. We do that pretty well. 

Today was fairly nice. The weather was good, and the delivery men arrived to set up my new washer and dryer in the first hour of the two-hour window they provided yesterday. So that was unexpectedly happy. I look forward to using them, but will restrain myself until I can get the dryer vent cleaned out on Tuesday--otherwise all the crud in there will infest my nice new dryer. Because the delivery window overlapped with the boy's nap, however, it pushed my workout to this evening after I put him to bed, hence my lateness to post today. 

Paige has submitted her entry for this week's Poetry Challenge; please check out hers and the other submissions this week here.

Haiku News

"Teachable moment"
hoped for when Obama asks
Gates, Crowley over.

apparently brewing young
U.S. terrorists??

E. Lynn Harris dead;
he broke ground for black gay men
to be heard in print.

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Anonymous said...

Goood eefening.

I don't have any Comments tonight, but I thought you might enjoy this *facepalm* moment: