Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Totally Tuesday!

So. I actually haven't thought about the Poetry Challenge yet this week! My dryer vent was being cleaned this morning so I can now achieve clean laundry without risking a catastrophic fire. Consequently, I forgot it was Tuesday. Never fear, I will get the challenge up today, it just may take me longer than usual since I forgot to think about it earlier today. 

I was rather proud of the boy's ability to adjust to the loud noises going on outside. I turned up his white noise machine as I got him ready for his nap, but the dryer vent guy was drilling on the brick wall outside the house and making quite a racket. I just rocked the boy a little longer in the glider before laying him down for his nap, and he managed quite well, sleeping nearly three hours. 

Tonight I tried yet another new recipe--Chicken Puttanesca with Angel Hair Pasta. I recommend it; not only was it quick and easy, it was delicious. I was even able to make it in about a half hour (they claimed the recipe was for a 20-minute preparation). What's even better, it got the hearty approval of my darling husband. So I'll be making that one again. 

So, I'd better get to the Haiku, since I need to figure out the challenge after that...

Haiku News

Are there any words
for how stupid these guys are--
suing over Tweet?!?!

What is sadder here:
hungry people steal their kill,
or lions die out?

"An eye for an eye
makes the whole world blind." It seems
this guy disagreed.

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