Tuesday, January 5, 2010

200th Post.

This here is my 200th post. In it I will have to offer yet another apology: I just don't have enough mental energy to get the poetry challenge up tonight. In all honesty, I didn't get any entries in the Christmas week one anyway (even my own!), so maybe you all can weigh in on whether to extend that one or create a new one tomorrow. I would love to hear your suggestions.

The boy is really being cute lately. He likes to pile his Little People animals into his little train-cars and say "bye bye!". If you ask him where something is, he'll say "Where go?" and if he finds it, he will say "There is!" with a really cute little lisp. Sigh. I think he is enjoying being home and back in his own comfy bed because he has indulged me with good naps and night-sleeps since we've been back from vacation. I hope that continues.

Haiku News

Thanksgiving gunman
who killed four, including tot,
nabbed on TV tip.

Hubble Telescope
looks back thirteen billion years:
baby galaxies.

Nexus Smartphone claims
it's not an "iPhone killer;"
I guess time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular pics
Make the Hubble Telescope
Better than sliced bread!


(Incidentally, have you changed something about your blog lately? Just during the last 3 weeks or so, clicking in to this site slows my machine, whether at home or at work, down sumpthin 'orrible.)

Minerva said...

Agreed, Cicely :)

No, I haven't changed anything about the blog. The only thing I can think of that is at all different is that I put a ton of videos up for my best and worst Christmas carols posts, but I can't imagine that would always slow down the whole thing. Hopefully it'll go away soon!