Friday, July 31, 2009

Frustrating Friday

Well, really only because of the continuing dryer drama. I finally got someone to come out TODAY rather than tomorrow to check my dryer, which I feared was leaking gas. When he arrived, he said "that's what I was hoping it wasn't." Uh oh. Turns out it has a defective gas gauge in it, so it wasn't shutting off the gas when not in use. Hence the gas smell. So I am getting a new one tomorrow. This doesn't leave us much time to wash all the clothes we need for our week-long trip to the beach tomorrow. Sigh...I know we'll get it done, I'm just afraid it will involve us staying up way too late and being super tired on Sunday when we fly out. 

I am meeting my high school ex-boyfriend and his boyfriend for brunch tomorrow. That should be really fun, I haven't seen him since high school and we didn't talk for at least 3 years in there, just met up again on Facebook a few months ago. I'm bringing the boy as well, he never met a pancake he didn't like. 

Oh, update on the writing: I am now on page THREE, and it doesn't all suck, so that's progress. I have gotten past the opening scene and begun to introduce a second pivotal character. Yay, hopefully this will continue. Maybe not till I get back from vacation, but still. Yay.

Haiku News

Honda corp. recalls
four hundred forty thousand
more cars; maybe mine!

Airlines use cartoons,
body painted flight crews to
grab our attention.

Techie farmer saves
two hundred thousand dollars
using poo power.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haiku News Commentary

"Airlines use cartoons,
body painted flight crews to
grab our attention."

I remember this.
Some mourned the lack of women.
I had no complaints! ;)

"Techie farmer saves
two hundred thousand dollars
using poo power."

What a clever use
Of on-the-spot resources!
You go, farmer-dude!