Thursday, July 2, 2009

I miss my husband.

I realize I am lucky that this doesn't happen more often, but I have put the boy to bed and my husband still isn't home from work. I don't much like being home alone when it's dark. I just have to remind myself that he'll be home soon. 

At least I am feeling better...I haven't taken any meds since this morning and I don't feel too bad. I think I am still going to go for the NyQuil before bed tonight but we'll see after that. My ears just feel a little bit plugged, that's about it. Thank goodness, my poor nose needs a break!

If you haven't checked out the found poems already submitted, definitely do so--they are really terrific. I am entertained enough by my newfound discovery of lolspeak to attempt a found poem comprised entirely in the internet dialect. If you find it annoying, my apologies, and feel free to skip down to the haiku news. 

Lolspeak (from comment threads on


Forgibs my lak of manners, kimkiwi!

Conga rats shoolaces on yer nawt sekund!

I haz da frozn margaritas (cuz it waz hottt tuday) and a slow conga for u

Iz teh kowd nd rainee nd pleh here tewdae. Cud ai traed teh frozn margareeters fore sum hot chokklit? 

Teh conga be full of win nd ossim, as are yew, JoG.


Mai lak of pwoof-reeding, let me show yew it.

Kittehs duzzint sae plz.

lol, kimkiwi iz contradiktin hersself.

*no, ai’m not*

*yesh, you iz*

Oh noes, teh seekrit werkings of mai wun remaynink bwayne sel iz on displae...

(oooh, dots.)

Dots? Where?


ooooohhhhhh *batbatbats at dots*

ohai kimkiwi! How are yew todai?

*pats kimkiwi on the nose*


ai iz good cos it be fried egg dae, nd tewmoroe be Sleepie-in Caturdae! Yay.


Nowun comin to my partee?

I has peetsa an eberyfing...

**goes awf to cry in teh kornur**

ai kum, ai kum.

Donut cry Red.

**wipes eis**

alritee-den, lets get dis party goin!

I has peetsa in enny flavur u wants, an bevridjis too!

I will come to yous party! I can has cheezy cheez peetsa? Wif cheez?

Oooooohhhh, a man aftur mien own hart! :-D

**hanz DCHDT a extry-extry-cheezy peetsa**

*runsfastadnjumpsinto DchDrTinycat’s arms* 

*schmoo* “Ware u bin??? Wii mist ur face!” 

*lands on peetsa*

Mmmm.. taystee..

U has outdun urself Red..

Haiku News

Sign of holiday:
fireworks safety warnings
abound on the news.

MySpace suicide
case may now be overturned;
either way, she's dead.

tickets up for grabs to see
Jackson's funeral.

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Mimi said...

Gee...I'm going to have to reread this more than a few times to figure it out! You certainly spent your alone time tonight productively. :-)