Thursday, July 16, 2009

My aching back!

I think I was on my feet too long today. Between the Wii Fit (which announced I was 20 years old today, huzzah!), cleaning up for the Merry Maids to be able to dust and vacuum, walking to and from the grocery store, and then preparing dinner for way too long, I think my back went on strike. It feels better now that I've been off my feet for the better part of an hour, though. I have learned my lesson: the next time I prepare Stone Fruit Salad, I will cut up all of the stone fruit beforehand. Today I got it at the store in the afternoon, and although I immediately started cutting it up, I still didn't finish in time to get that salad done before I had to feed the boy and put him to bed. least it (and the Summer Squash Soup I made with it) was delicious. :)

Haiku News

County attorney
shows pics of girl's sex assault
to warn teens' parents?!?

Potter fans care, form
Harry Potter Alliance
for social causes.

likely to become the first
Latina justice.

How's this for death grip:
toddler floats seven miles down
river on toy truck.


paige said...

Hey, that story about the little boy happened close to where we used to live! Crazy! Who knew those toys could float!

Minerva said...

good thing, I guess! I was much happier reading about a perfectly-fine toddler than otherwise! I didn't know that was close to where you've lived. Neat. :)