Sunday, July 26, 2009

Somehow Sunday...

Today went way fast. Maybe it was because I went to bed at 2AM this morning after a late night watching the Sklar brothers at a comedy club. It was fun, but I am not used to staying up that late anymore. Whew, I'm getting old. 

I was less worried about this afternoon's activities once my son decided to wake up at 7:30, and once I went in to turn on his music and give him a pacifier to buy a few minutes, he went back to sleep...sweet. Plus, then if he didn't end up napping in the car on the way to my brother's house this afternoon, I didn't think he'd have as much chance of a meltdown. Fortunately, I was right there. He was tired, but he made it. I was so happy to be able to bond some more with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew, along with my sister's oldest daughter and her little girl. I also got to meet my brother's family's new puppy, Leo. What a cute little guy! He was very sweet, even with my curious toddler. Thank goodness he was not in a grabby mood today! The boy snoozed off and on in the car on the way home, ate some dinner, and went to bed without much fuss. I am so lucky, I know. I hope any future children will follow in his footsteps!

Haiku News

Wrong-way minivan
on Taconic Parkway kills
eight, four of them kids. 

may face no-confidence vote
since he counted wrong.

Governator asks
California bar to let

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