Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday!

I titled this post more because my husband has been running ragged the last few days than because I was actually feeling like the week was so bad. While he stayed up till ungodly hours doing horrible legal drudgery, I was going to bed before 11:30 and sleeping peacefully. I am glad to have him (fairly work-unencumbered, even!) for the weekend. So is our boy, who has missed him mightily.

I am assigned to run 11 miles (!) least the temperatures look to be delightfully mild for running all weekend, even at noon, so I don't even have to get up early to enjoy a non-sweat-drenched run. Ahh. Then, on Sunday, my mom is coming in to town to visit, and she is going to participate in a local 5K race with me and my niece. That will be so much fun!

Before I forget, make sure to check out Paige's abecedarian here. She manages to maintain her poetic voice regardless of the format her poetry takes, an admirable trait.

Haiku News

RIP, Cronkite,
you made news elegant...'and
that's the way it is.'

Jerkwad of the day:
on-duty cop admits he
assaulted woman.

Really, CNN?
if your hair catches on fire,
you need doctors' care?!?


Muser said...

I like the haiku-news. If CNN, et al., wanted to pay Cronkite a tribute, they'd go back to solid journalism.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story about the rapist pig.

Sexual assault would normally would be a state offense, but for some reason this case was heard in federal court. Why? If the pig was convicted under CA sexual assault laws, he would have served harder and longer time in a real prison with violent offenders. They’d have had some real fun with that fat piggy. Also, if he was convicted of sexual assault, he would have had to register as a sex offender under CA’s draconian sex offense laws for the rest of his life. Instead, he was convicted of a BS “civil rights violation” and almost certainly will be incarcerated in a minimum-security country-club federal prison.

Looks to me like the feds intervened to give this state agent special treatment-- government agents protect their own.

Minerva said...

Muser--thanks! I enjoy writing them. I totally agree with you about the need for news to get serious is all becoming a bit too tabloid.

Anonymous--it hadn't occurred to me that the case likely should have been in state court. That is a very interesting point that it was tried in federal court...perhaps the guy had a connection there? That sucks, truly, but at least he'll still have issues the rest of his life as an ex-con.