Monday, July 20, 2009

Mahvelous Monday

I am so happy to have my mom in town. I am not a super shopper on my own but it is fun to go shopping with her. We took the boy to Target this morning to finally get my long-desired Mother's Day/ anniversary present: a Little Green steam cleaner for my area rugs. Sadly, my dog sometimes sees fit to mark her territory on them, and they have been smelling as such for awhile, but due to the pattern on them, I can't find the specific spots, so I will be cleaning the whole darn thing to try to get the smell out. I hope this helps. 

We also got the boy a little toy tractor, as he has been repeatedly pointing to pictures of tractors in one of his books. When he got to play with it, he showed unusual dedication to his task. He probably played with it for 15-20 minutes without so much as looking up. Yes, I think that was a good toy purchase.

I will likely be posting earlier than normal tomorrow, as we have tickets to a concert that night that will prevent me from posting before very late otherwise. Fear not, dear readers; I already have my idea for what this week's Poetry Challenge will be. I think it will tickle your creative urges! On that note, if you still want to submit an abecedarian, you'd best get cracking.

Haiku News

AP journalist
witnessed nearly four hundred

Dad is out of work;
eleven-year-old sells toys
to help family.

Gum Wall, Blarney Stone,
St. Mark's Square germy places;
I'd go anyway.

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