Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 for 2!

Yes, sports fans, I have cooked dinner from scratch for two nights in a row. Last night we had cheddar burgers with red onion jam, and tonight I made zesty citrus chicken with sauteed asparagus. Both were a success, both to me and to the darling husband. I am pleased. Now, if I can just get myself organized enough to actually cook more than twice a week...

I have also gotten tantalizingly close to achieving my "ideal" BMI of 22...I am only about 3 pounds away at the moment. I fully intend to keep running and eating healthfully, so we will see if I can get there and maintain it just in time to start working on baby #2. Ah well, I have learned that if I am more careful with food and a little more physically active during my next pregnancy, maybe I will not put on quite as much weight, and if I start exercising again when I am cleared by the doctor instead of waiting 6 months, I should be able to get the remaining weight off faster. 

I am pleased to report that Paige has submitted her entry for this week's Sonnet Challenge. I have heard from several of you that the meter is giving you fits. I know it can be frustrating to try to shoehorn your thoughts into the right rhythm. All I can say is that I am reasonably certain there is no rule of what meter you MUST use to write a sonnet; both Cicely's and Paige's are excellent without fitting iambic pentameter. I would just say it'd be easiest to try and find some meter that works for you and try to stick to it through the whole poem, it just helps it flow better. Keep working on it, I know you'll get it!

Haiku News

China quake destroys
ten thousand homes, three hundred
people injured. Yikes.

Reduced calorie
diets slow aging process,
but take care and thought.

13-year-old boy
trades in iPod for Walkman,
walks in father's shoes.


paige said...

So ya know... i have to visit your blog a hundred times a day so my son can watch the barenaked ladies vid. Ha.

Minerva said...

hee hee..which one? Or is it both? There are a few more videos from that album on youtube. I recommend "Pollywog in a Bog".