Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I made dinner again tonight: Herb stuffed chicken breasts. The stuffing consisted of goat cheese, fresh rosemary and finely chopped Canadian bacon. I realized that my husband is not a big fan of Canadian bacon but I thought they were such tiny pieces it would hopefully not prove offensive. Unfortunately, I forgot that he didn't like goat cheese. Wife FAIL. :( At least he liked the broccoli, sauteed with red pepper flakes and toasted garlic. Sigh.

The boy is still doing adorable things. He was extremely chatty today. Still unintelligible, but I would not be surprised if he starts making up stories and songs as soon as he can say words. Heck, he's probably already doing it in his own language. He has started bouncing while standing up in his crib, very cute. Yes, I already moved his mattress down, he's not really trying to escape, it's more of a newfound dance move to enjoy the music of his turtle crib toy. I really must get that one on video.

Haiku News

Obama hooks up
community colleges,
hoping to save jobs.

Calderon's home state
overrun by drug cartel;
thousand dead this year.

"Chalkbot" writes fans' tweets
on the route of Tour de France
for riders to read.


Bill said...

husband fail for being too picky and not being able to cook for myself. You're perfect.

Minerva said...

see why I love that guy?? :)

Mimi said...

Yup. Hubby really needs to expand his taste buds! Other than that he's fabulous. Save the leftovers for me!