Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Today was an ideal weekend day. The boy didn't wake up too early, we enjoyed a beautiful outdoor church service, at which a cool looking caterpillar crawled across my foot, the boy was adorable after church for people to ooh and ahh over him, I got a nice 1 1/2 hour nap while the boy napped, and then we headed out to a neighborhood music festival at a local park. Good food, nice music, great weather. SUCH a nice day. Probably one of the best parts was walking home from the festival, pleasantly full, listening to Jamie make up a little song of nonsense syllables. He sang for the whole 20-minute walk home. Ahhh, I love him.

Mimi has submitted her entry for the Sonnet Challenge, as well. Please enjoy it here.

Haiku News

Military eyes
banning smoking for their troops;
REALLY bad idea!

Obama orders
death of prisoners.

After a few days,
swim club invites daycare back;
too little too late?


Mimi said...

How can he keep from singing? It's in his genes! He IS adorable, no bias here. Nope. None!

Anonymous said...

"After a few days,
swim club invites daycare back;
too little too late?"

All that bad PR
Was putting a damper on
On their bottom line?


Minerva said...

Mimi--I would have been surprised had he not been musical.