Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sure it's July?

The boy was laughing more than usual today, so despite his short (under 1.5 hour) nap, I had a pretty good day. It helped that I knew my husband was not driving home from out of state like he was yesterday. I was slightly disappointed in the weather, however. I was hoping to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather this afternoon on my daily walk, but was greeted by dreary gray skies and low 70s temperatures. Bummer...I really thought it was July, I guess it was May-ish today. Sigh, oh well, at least it didn't rain on me. It did that at least two days in a row earlier this year. Both days, Weather.com told me it was less than a 10% chance of rain. Either our weather bucked the odds, or they suck at predicting the weather in my area. I dunno.

Other than that, I can't think of a lot to say...I came up with a really geeky recurring feature that I'll bring you all tomorrow, but today I've got to work on the Poetry Challenge. Be back in a bit with that, stay tuned!

Haiku News

Want recession-proof?
Check out Tokyo's "love hotels:"
business is booming.

Los Angeles cops
seek donations to offset
Jackson crowd control.

pleads not guilty on drug charge;
my, how times have changed.

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