Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tenacious Thursday

While feeding my cranky son dinner tonight, I realized that I had resolved on this very blog at least a few weeks ago that I would try to write at least one page of my novel every day for awhile. Well, that lasted all of one night. So I am going to try again and say I'd like to try and work on it at least a few days out of every week--say, three--and try to write a page every time I looked at it. Hopefully that smaller goal will be easier to attain. We shall see, I guess. I would LOVE to be finished writing this thing (at least the first draft) before we have another child, and that is hopefully going to happen before next year is out. Hmm...

Haiku News

Jerkwad of the day:
Boston officer called Gates
"jungle monkey"--ugh.

Taliban issues
new "code of conduct," in which
fighters show restraint;

they are not to kill
innocent civilians in
suicide attacks.

Sorority sued,
members claim its leadership
spent big for wax prez!

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