Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wiped Wednesday

I was eaten alive by several million mosquitoes yesterday, and the extremely hot weather today produced a slightly-baked feeling that has lingered on into the evening, so I will try my best to keep this kind of short. At least I managed to avoid burning all but a very small patch on my chest. 

I was happy to see two early entries in the Limerick Challenge. Check them out here.

In a tribute to my love of description, I will share my favorite of a popular genre on YouTube called "literal music video." In this, someone replaces the words of a song with a description of what's going on in the video. Enjoy!

Grammar Geek-Out #5
5. Define case. Illustrate each case.

I have no idea what that term means, so I'm going to have to look this one up from the get-go. 

For nouns and pronouns, case is the description of their function within a sentence. Nouns and pronouns can be subjective or nominative, where they act as the subject of a sentence or clause; possessive, where they show possession of something else; and objective, where they function as the recipient of an action or are the object of a preposition.

Except for possessive forms, nouns do not change in English (this is something that is easier than in other languages!). The possessive usually just involves adding an s and an apostrophe. Pronouns do change, however. 

Examples: (for the word "tree")
Subjective: tree grew in our front yard.
Possessive: The tree's leaves were broad and shiny.
Objective: A big storm broke a few branches off of the tree.

(for singular pronouns)
Subjective: I want to make a phone call.
You have to go home now.
He will be in trouble if he misses curfew again.
Possessive: My phone is almost dead.
Your luck may be running out.
She can call her dad to pick us up.
Objective: That phone belongs to me.
      I can't believe you thought it was yours.
      He sees his mom's car coming.

I love the rest of my source material here, there is a lot on how to use I vs. Me, etc, but it's getting late and I'm afraid the boy will be up early for the third morning in a row, particularly because Dad is going golfing again at oh-dark-thirty. Sigh. So if you want to see more, click here.

Haiku News

Gunman in the gym
targeted women because
they rejected him.

Teller stops robber,
but because he disobeyed
policies, is fired.

"Jungle monkey" cop
sues Boston 'cause civil rights
were violated?!?!


Mama said...

So sorry about the bites! Can you take some Benadryl, or get a topical Benadryl itch stick? I have heard putting mild liquid soap ON the bite and letting it dry takes the itch away. Don't lather, just dab it on the bite.
It's worth trying, anyway. Yay for no sunburn. Good going! Love the picture of the boy. He looks as though he's off on a safari or something. Glad you avoided most sunburn. Way to go! XOXOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Haiku News Commentary

"Thirty million" gals
(All the world's single women)
Declined to date him.

Or so it appears
From his on-line diary.
At least, in his view.

Some blame religion
As the root of his madness.
But I disagree.

I think depression,
Chemical or otherwise,
Was his big problem.

Religious input,
At most, gave him a basis
To rationalize.

It's my opinion
That he alone is to blame
For choices he made.


Minerva said...

Mama--I don't have any Benadryl. I do have a cortisone anti-itch roll-on. I will likely get some Benadryl when I get home if I still itch.

Cicely--as usual, agreed on all counts.