Thursday, August 27, 2009

And on the 101st day...

...she realized that she spaced out on the vocabulary final question. Again. Seriously, where is my brain? Have you seen it? I'll make it up today, my apologies once again.

Even though I knew my husband would be working late tonight (in fact, he's still not home), I was determined to try out that broiler drawer I had no idea I had until a few months ago. I prepared a flank steak with a mustard-molasses sauce that was really excellent. I probably ate a little too much of it, but it was really good. I'm glad that's the sort of thing that reheats very well, so hopefully my husband will also enjoy it soon. I had a baked sweet potato with it. Yum.

Vocabulary Geek-out #3
What are the following and give examples of each: trigraph, subvocals, diphthong, cognate letters, linguals.
Yeah. Going to look those up now.

Trigraph: A group of three letters representing a single speech sound, such as eau in the word beau.
Subvocal: characterized by movement of the lips or other speech organs without making audible sounds. The b sound is a subvocal.
Diphthong: an indivisible, gliding speech sound identified by its beginning and ending sounds, such as the 0i-sound in toy or boil.
cognate letters: those that are produced by the same organs of speech in a similar position. I'm guessing this would mean like m and n.
Linguals: letters articulated with the tip of the tongue, as in d, n, s, or r. 

Haiku News

"Horrific" slaying
of pastor; now reward for
some information.

Eighteen years of hell:
kidnapped girl spent life in shed,
had captor's children.

For a little while
twenty-six Pakistani
girls could learn in peace.


Muser said...

You might write a poem called "Where Is My Brain?" and fancifully list all the places it might be. I love the follow-up question, "Have you seen it?"

Minerva said...

Thanks, Muser! I think I will do that! :)