Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Today was a very long day of traveling, trying to get stuff straightened out at home after being gone for a week, and trying to keep a tired boy up for a little longer so he hopefully won't wake up before daylight tomorrow because of the time change. Argh. 

Because of that, I decided it might be fun to share a few things with you all that I found hilarious as a child. Funny enough, I still do. Sadly, I could not find an embeddable video of the Log commercial from Ren and Stimpy, but here is a link to it. The first few times I saw it, I think I had tears running down my face. Hee.

Next up is the wonderful Muppet song, "Mahna Mahna." It's older than me, I think, but it's still awesome. I loved that it was used for a Diet Dr. Pepper commercial a few years ago as well. Enjoy.

Mkay, now I want to know what gave you a giggle when you were a little kid. Please share with me!

Haiku News

Typhoon hits China,
displaces one million, kills,
injures dozens more.

Debate rages on
over health care reform; town
hall meetings are wild.

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