Friday, August 14, 2009

Fleeting Friday

I'll have to make this one kind of fast, since I have to get up early for a 10-mile run tomorrow. I only have 3 weeks before my half marathon, so this week's long run is 10 miles, next Saturday will be 11, then 6 to rest up before the race. Whew. At least I know I should do and feel significantly better than last year since I've been training since March. 

I know I have said this recently, but let me reiterate how much I love my son. He is just so adorable. This morning he woke up loudly chattering in his crib, and when I went in to get him dressed, he danced around and sang little songs. He is learning new dance moves by the minute lately. The other thing he did today was finally learn the last few parts of his face. He can now point to his head, hair, ears, nose, mouth, squinch his eyes shut, stick out his tongue, click his teeth together, point to his chin, cheeks, and forehead, and he can show you his hand or fingers. He learned eyes, forehead, chin, hands, and fingers today. SO cute!

Haiku News

Welfare minister
of India suggests folks have
more TV, less sex.

Thirty-four years since
"Squeaky" Fromme pointed her gun
at Ford, she's released.

Help Kenya Project
refurbishes computers in
exchange for new trees.

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