Monday, August 10, 2009


I think today began the boy's readjustment period to just having me around the house instead of having lots of adoring relatives at his beck and call. Either that, or teeth emerging, or both, contributed to many periods of crying and clinginess today. Whew.

On the plus side, my experiment of moving away from having the TV on for white noise all day seems to have been a concern is that the boy doesn't talk as much when there is more noise, and because he isn't saying a lot of words, I want him to practice more. He did seem to talk more when he wasn't being super clingy, so I will continue that trial. 

Haiku News

Ex-homeless woman,
Holocaust survivor gives
Hebrew U. fortune.

Skinny Jeans Workout
developed in gyms--I swear,
not making this up.

Hand model brings in
One thousand-plus per day;
no dishes for her.


Mimi said...

Ah, our prince has to 'make do' with his most loyal subject. Silly boy doesn't yet realize which side his bread is buttered on! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

You could even say
That Ashly Covington is
Living hand to mouth...


Minerva said...

Ha ha!! Awesome, Cicely! :)