Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Date Night

So, our in-laws treated us to another lovely summer date night at an outdoor theater venue, so we enjoyed a picnic alfresco as well as a spectacular concert by Tony Bennett and his infinitely talented jazz quartet. The two slightly dull spots in an otherwise glowing night were that his daughter Antonia opened the show with three stunningly lackluster numbers, and we had to wait 45 minutes for our train to start moving to get home. Ugh. Anyway, Bennett is a true showman. He is still in fine voice, even at 83. He warmly greeted the multiple standing ovations, parried an "I love you!" with "So you're the one!" and even signed a few autographs for lucky fans near the front. I spent most of the night tapping my toes. Here are a few of the songs he treated us to tonight.

This first one I couldn't resist including even though it's kind of "vintage" now, taken from the Doris Day Show. Warning: the banter at the end is very cheesy.

Okay, now this one is 75% of the same band he used today (the pianist was different but equally good) and I think the same suit. :) Among my favorite jazz standards ever.

And with that, I have to bid you adieu for tonight. I will try to do more substantive work tomorrow.

Haiku News

California burns
as it does every summer.
Blazing temps don't help.

Billings couple seen
on surveillance video
just before they're killed.

While I understand
not liking abortion, how
does this help your cause?

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Haiku News Commentary

I could be wrong, but
I think burning has increased
Since when I was young.