Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scattered Sunday

So, we made it to our beachy destination today. The boy even traveled fairly well. He mostly laughed and was cute through the two hour flight, and then only whined sporadically through the hourlong drive. He even went down to sleep pretty well. I hope that bodes well for his sleep through the night tonight. I have a clear memory of how terribly he slept at the beach last year, although at the time he had never really slept away from home and he was still nursing. So there's that. I just hope I can get more sleep on this trip than last year!

Also, I hope it doesn't rain the whole time we're here; it rained pretty steadily for the whole drive over. It's only a "chance" thus far, but the chance remains the entire week. Ugh. 

Haiku News

Moussavi, others
criticize protestors' trials,
claim confessions forced.

Treasury big cheese
says economy won't break,
but fix deficit.

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Common theme for Palin and