Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flying Feet

I was utterly surprised to open my eyes this morning at 9AM and realize that my son had not stirred yet. He is generally awake by 8:30 at the latest. After a few minutes I did actually hear him murmur from his room, which quelled any momentary fears that he'd somehow hurt himself to the point of non-communication while he slept. I wasn't complaining about the extra sleep; I didn't get to bed last night until after midnight for no good reason.

I was very glad to have that extra sleep, as I had my longest solo run ever today: 11 miles. It was only one mile more than last week, but I was so abysmally slow last Saturday that I was kind of dreading it in the back of my mind. I needn't have worried. From the start, my body felt relaxed and energized, like I had some hidden springs in my shoes. I had many times where I almost missed my walk break (I run 5 minutes and walk 1) because I was running so easily. This does not happen for me every time, so I was really enjoying it and cautiously hoping it would last the whole run. Amazingly, it nearly did. I was only really tired at the last mile. I ran the first 8 miles in 90 minutes and completed the whole run in just over two hours. Unfortunately, I still overran somewhat--I had about a mile left to walk to get back to my house--but otherwise it was just about perfect. I think the weather really helped. The last few long runs were completed on humid, hot days when the air has been sapping my energy, whereas today was in the low 70s with a good stiff breeze that was somewhat cool. PERFECT running weather. Now, if I could just get a day like that when I have my half marathon two weeks from tomorrow...

I think this is the first week ever that no one has submitted anything for the poetry challenge so far. If I don't get someone's poem by Tuesday, what is the point of my spending an extra hour making another challenge? I am kind of sad. I really enjoy reading your poetry; I hope I haven't driven you all away. You know I don't bite--show me your great idea!

Haiku News

VA workers get
millions in bonuses while
vets await their checks.

Just because women
voted, Taliban cut off
their index fingers.

Swimsuit model's breast
implants' serial number
identifies her.


Anonymous said...

I find this "lyric poetry" to be a tricksy beast.
I set out traps, it steals the bait and, laughing, runs away.

Haiku News Commentary

Just par for the course--
Women voters are a treat
To their status quo.
Forensic science
Scores another goal against
"Clever" criminals.

Haiku News Addendum

More "justice" hijinks;
Man jailed for chewing breath mints
Sues for damages.


Anonymous said...


Make that THREAT to their status quo! Epic Proofreading Fail!