Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slacker Saturday

This morning, my husband's grandfather, the benefactor of this trip, woke up sick. Upon examination, he was admitted to the hospital overnight due to pneumonia. It sounds like they'll likely let him return home tomorrow, but that was a big bummer for our last full day at the beach. 

We have reached the point where everyone begins to miss home more than they are enjoying being away. I wish that involved less complaining, but I understand and somewhat echo the general sentiment. 

We have a very early flight and a long day of travel ahead of us to return home, so I am going to end this here for today. I will post SOMETHING tomorrow, and be back to full force on Monday.

Haiku News

Embassy workers
among the one hundred tried
en masse in Iran.

Kenyan man offers
forty goats and twenty cows
for Chelsea Clinton.

Nine people feared killed
when small plane collides with a
chopper o'er Hudson.

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