Monday, August 3, 2009

Maritime Monday

My first prayer of the vacation was answered last night, as the boy slept pretty solidly through the night--he woke up and cried for a little over a minute at 3AM but then went back to sleep until nearly 8:30 this morning. Ahh, I hope that continues (the sleeping well, not the waking)!

I discovered today that the boy LOVES the ocean. He toddled all over the sand today, digging with his little plastic shovel, exploring, and finally discovered the water. Though it was freezing cold (and the air wasn't super warm today due to clouds), he kept coming over to the water. Even when some waves made him lose his balance and sit down, even when he actually fell forward once and got a face full of salt water, he kept walking back to the water. I am so happy he likes it since we'll be here for a week, he'll have plenty to do when the weather is good enough outside. We were only probably out there for an hour and a half today because of some passing thunderstorms, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

That said, I managed a good run this afternoon. It was humid but I still felt good. The only annoying thing was mosquitoes. Yes, they even bit me WHILE I was running! I have had at least a good 8 mosquito bites since we got here yesterday and we have only been here about 26 hours. Ugh...I wish I wasn't so allergic to them. I always get huge welts. Ah well. Other than that, it's going great...the boy is getting along with all his similar-aged second cousins and it's fun to catch up with all of my husband's relatives. 

Haiku News

Recent college grad
sues her alma mater 'cause
she can't find a job?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Aussies foil a plot
by Somalian terrorists
to attack soldiers.

Turkish building was
slated for demolition;
instead rolls away!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a terrific time! Enjoy! I was raised on the West Coast, and I sometimes miss the beach something fierce. Lakes just aren't the same.

As far as mosquitoes go, I've been seeing commercials for some new thingies that you can hang on your belt. Does anyone know if they work? And if so, do they last for an appreciable length of time? D*mned little vampires eat me alive, if I hang around outside after dark. And the spray-on repellent smells so bad, and leaves me feeling smothered.

Haiku News Rant

In this job climate,
With experienced workers
Pounding the pavements?

For a whole three months
She's been seeking employment
And she feels misused?

And 2 point 7
Is perhaps not as stellar
As she seems to think.

Unless her college
Guaranteed her employment,
She's just S.O.L.

It's not that I think she has no cause for distress; food and housing don't pay for themselves. But it sounds to me as if she more-or-less expected the college to give her a job as a graduation present, without any extra effort on her part. Welcome to Real Life. She might just have to do what other people have to do, and temporarily settle for a job out of her field and at less than she would like to be paid, maybe try a temp agency. If she still feels hard done by, maybe she should read about the Depressionesque tent-cities springing up, populated by people who used to have good-paying jobs and nice homes, and have credentials and on-the-job experience, and have been unable to find a job in their fields. There's a reason why food-dispersing charities are being stretched to the limit.



Mimi said...

Guess you left the mosquito repellant thing I got you at home, eh? No problem...there'll be the same things there - go get one!! Sorry you have the same yummy blood as the rest of us in this family. :-P Hopefully the boy does not! XOXOX