Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poetry Challenge #9: Limerick

As always, be sure to read last week's entries for the elegy challenge here

As you may already know, a limerick is generally comical, and often nonsensical or even lewd. I will ask that the examples you post here be PG, partly because my mom reads this blog. :) Also, I believe they can be funny without being dirty.

A limerick follows the following syllable/stress pattern, with unstressed syllables symbolized by - and stressed by /:

- / - - / - - /
- / - - / - - /
- / - - /
- / - - /
- / - - / - - /

They tend to have the rhyme scheme of AABBA. 

A great example comes from Edward Lear:

There was an old man with a beard
who said, "It is just as I feared!"
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!"

I shall make my slightly-impaired attempt here. Apologies for its crappiness, I will try to fix it later if possible.

There was a young man from Nags Head
Who had just that day been misled.
He had to admit
his fuse had been lit,
but beat up his pillow instead.

You can read more about limericks along with more examples here
Have fun, and remember, keep it clean kids! I don't want to explain any of them to my mother. :)


Little Bees Mommy said...

A blue-eyed blonde girl of age three,
who goes by nickname Little Bee
loves mommy's sweet kisses,
"rubs them in" and wishes
if only they weren't so messy!


Mimi said...

Way to go, Valerie! Welcome to the fun. :-)

As Moms go, this one's a pip
She loves to be quick with a quip. Her kids think she's quaint,
But the Grands know she ain't -
This is one Great Grandma who's hip!

Mimi said...

Hmmmm. I do not know why the lines didn't publish the way they were written. Oh, well... :-D

Minerva said...

1,000 points to Valerie for a suitably breezy poem about her Bee!

and 1,000 points to Mimi for an excellent-as-usual effort, despite claiming her kids think she's "quaint." Hmm, no. We think you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

I use my computer at work
To click in to websites and lurk.
Although some might say
The ethics are gray
I say that it's really a perk!


Little Bees Mommy said...

Therapy du Soleil

Lots of sunscreen, big hats and dark shades
Protect many on hot summer days.
But what do I need most,
When I'm feeling morose?
None other than those bright lifting rays.


Minerva said...

Cicely--1,000 points for a lively limerick in tribute of *cough* playing *cough* working.

Valerie--I had no idea what a clever poet you are! Thanks for sharing another one! 1,000 points for your tribute to the simplest source of Vitamin D. :)

Little Bees Mommy said...

Stress Cure-all For Her

When I start feeling in the noose
And the chiro. can't work it loose
Rendezvous ladies night,
Then everything's alright
After a few rounds of Grey Goose.

paige said...

There once was a girl whose computer
quit working,- began to confuse her.
So she had to get out-
pen & paper, no doubt,
'cause she had to get those words out, that muser.

Minerva said...

Valerie--1,000 more points for an effective method of stress relief.

Paige--1,000 points to you for an effective description of technology failure. I hope you get your new computer soon!

Alicia said...

I know the count is a bit off, but hopefully it's close!

There once was girl from around here
Who constantly sat around on her rear
She ate all day long
And thought nothing wrong
Until she resembled a sphere.

paige said...

i like yours better than mine, Alicia - here's to lookin' like spheres together in a few months... :)
Krisitin - i promise when i feel a little less like a big steaming pile of poop, i will start running again.

Minerva said...

Alicia--1,000 points for making me laugh! Sedentary folks, consider that a warning. :)

Paige--no one is blaming you for taking it easy while you feel icky, the babe is making it hard for you for now. I only hope that I can keep running uninterrupted the next time I get pregnant!

Alicia said...

Haha! Thanks for the encouragement, Paige. For what it's worth, that's how I always feel about your poems ;) And what beautiful spheres we will be.

Kristine- I'm glad I could get a laugh.