Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello, loyal reader.

I am rewarding your patience with the resumption of my humble blog. I am graduating from my MA program on Friday and have finished my academic labors for the time being, so now I have the time to devote to improving the frequency and quality of my blog posts. 

However, I am struggling with the content I should pursue. I wonder if someone could share what they hope to read here. I want to write, but am not sure what people would like to read. Well, I have one idea. I would like to riff on current events in haiku. Other than that, I am not a fount of ideas at the moment. Please, suggest away!

Is that why you fled the scene?
Your mistake killed three.

Speaking of drunk guys,
How about that Bret Michaels?
Choreographed gaffe!

North Korea, you
aren't helping your image


lovefam6 said...

Whatever you want to write about is what I'll enjoy reading. You're a truly talented person in so many areas of life. I should hate you, but can't bring myself to.

Mimi said...

The poetry is great. Whatever you choose to write will be well worth reading, so write on. Please!

Rachel said...

I love the current event haikus (haikues? what the heck is the plural for haiku???)! Anyway, I will enjoy anything you write and congrats again on your MA!

Minerva said...

@Rachel: the plural of haiku is actually haiku, like sheep. :)

Thanks for the encouragement, all.

paige said...

i vote that you at least include a little drivel like i do! Poetry challenges would be fun... Where you explain a type of poem & write one & then we could try.. i'd be game.