Thursday, June 11, 2009

Words I Hate, Vol. 1

When rummaging through my brain for an apt title for today's blog, I remembered how much I hate it when people title things "Misc.". I wouldn't even mind as much if they bothered to look up how to spell "miscellaneous," especially since I rather enjoy long words. I just dislike how often it is used because people can't be bothered to spell out a long word or to better sort their collection of stuff, whether photos or items in a box. Anyway.

I was happy to see a blog by my friend Paige identifying herself as a "runner." I realized that I now have a new title as well: motivator. I never expected when I began my fitness journey over two years ago that I would be inspiring my friends to begin their own. I was simply trying to get in better shape and lose some extra pounds. At that time, they were just leftovers from college and several happy married years, and now it's the leftovers from gaining a bit too much in my pregnancy. Either way, it's a pain to get those pounds off and extremely slow if one simply diets, so I am coupling that with an exercise regime. I have found I work better under some sort of pressure, so I will find a race for which to sign up (along with a small, nonrefundable fee) to motivate myself to keep training. For me, this summer, I have already trained for and completed a 10 mile race, and this September I will run my second half marathon. This summer I have also discovered the benefits of working with actual trainers to develop a higher level of fitness, as well as being able to ask questions on nutrition, stretching, and what to do on non-running days (I am a BIG fan of the Wii Fit). I have become a sort of quasi-trainer (at least, an advisor) to several friends new to running and exercising, and while I repeatedly remind them I am NOT an expert, I feel good helping them to reach for their next goals. 

I am pleased to report that the first foray into this week's poetry challenge has been posted; you can read Paige's lovely haiku here. Please, join in the fun! 

Haiku News

Most popular car
Of '08 not Honda, Ford:
Little Tykes Coupe rules!

Chastity Bono
Now wants to live as a man.
More power to her him!

Obama writes note
to excuse girl from school--wow.
What a great keepsake!

Money-filled mattress
Accidentally thrown out;
Mother proves stoic.

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Alicia said...

I do appreciate your personal training with my running ;) You're a great motivator!!