Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I need a personal chef...

...and a full-time maid. OR, I need to budget my time more wisely. I think you all can figure out which one is closer to the truth, at least since I don't quite qualify to be interviewed by Robin Leach. I have been meaning to become a better housekeeper, but I haven't managed to get off my duff to do it yet, now that I actually have some shreds of free time. I also need to prep dinner sometime other than just before I cook it, or every night I cook I will end up eating near 9PM, even if I get my dear husband to put the little one to bed. Sigh.

Thank you to those who have already jumped into the fray of this week's Poetry Challenge. Please read and enjoy each other's work; that is part of the reason I am issuing these challenges. Those who remain lurkers, please come out and play! This is a non-critical environment in which to experiment.

Haiku News

Hundred-dollar home?
Nice, but still not sure I'd want
to live in Detroit.

Jerkwad of the day:
man faked that he's his dead mom,
got $100k.

separating from their wives;
anyone surprised?


Mimi said...

The solving of
a conundrum lies in
recognizing its existence.

Though I detest the term 'Housewife', for I've never known anyone married to a house, it seemed to fit here.

Anonymous said...

Celebrities wed,
Lose congruency of goals,
And cash in their chips.

(Still the same problem; "URL contains illegal characters". I triple checked it. Ah, well.

Wait! Inspiration strikes!)

Is allegedly impaired
By URL goofs.


Minerva said...

750 points for a topical cinquain, 200 for use of the word "conundrum", and 50 for your explanation of why you dislike the word "housewife." I personally prefer "stay at home mom," or in blog-speak, SAHM.

Minerva said...

Lovely haiku, and I apologize for Blogger seeming to have it in for you.