Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dispatch from the sahara, part 1

Hello folks, 
Poetry challenge will follow shortly. I am separating them from my main blogs, so here's this for now. Today was much less frustrating; the boy was generally cheerful, I was able to set my small gift idea for my impending wedding anniversary in motion, and I had a successful if short walk in 90-plus degree weather. When I peeled my son out of his stroller his entire head was wet with sweat and his skin was moist like a frog's. I took him into the A/C post haste and gave him a glass of water, and all was well. Poor thing, he doesn't remember the summer heat from last year! 

Tomorrow promises to be another scorcher, so I will likely repeat today's short walk rather than going for my usual 2-3 miles. No big deal, it's not really needed exercise on my running days, like tomorrow is supposed to be. Although, there is still a bunch of stuff on our treadmill since the carpet is still drying out, and I can't leave while the boy is napping in the house alone, and it's going to be too hot to do a hill workout in the afternoon tomorrow with the jogging stroller. Hmm. Let me know if you all have any ideas!

The boy was pretty cute getting ready for bed tonight. He was especially chatty, which for him lately means he is babbling all kinds of gibberish with full inflections. Tonight he was particularly attached to gohpteegohpteegohptee. No idea what that could be, but it's cute. He gave me a bunch of kisses and actually said "Mommy" once. (Usually when I ask him, he thinks for a second and says "Daddydaddydaddy.") What a sweet guy.

Haiku News

Clerics in Iran
join anti-government groups;
this seems promising.

RIP, McMahon;
Johnny's sidekick, Star Search host,
all-around good guy.

went AWOL, now says he was
hiking the A.T.?!?

Parker, Broderick
welcome twin girls: Marion
and Tabitha. Hmm.


Mimi said...

Ummmm...move the stuff on the treadmill to the guest bedroom? I know how you love your runs, though I don't really understand their attraction. :-P

I wonder if the boy would drink during the hot walks. Take a water bottle next time and see. Would the sunshade/screen help, or make it hotter inside the stroller?


Minerva said...

yeah, I may have to do that, Mom...I don't want to miss it! At least it will be somewhat shorter, since the hill thing only takes like half an hour start to finish. I will try the sunshade and bringing water with us tomorrow. He doesn't complain much out there, though, I just noticed he was a limp little noodle when we got home. Poor little guy.