Friday, June 26, 2009

Placeholder post (sorry!)

Hi folks,

I will just leave you with a taste of the wonderful concert my husband and I enjoyed this evening, which is the reason for my phoning it in this evening. I should be able to return full strength tomorrow, but I need my sleep tonight between fighting off a cold and being scheduled to run 9 miles tomorrow...

Brandi Carlile (an amazing singer, new for my husband and me today). Hard to believe she is two years younger than us.

Indigo Girls are two of the most amazing songwriters, and their harmonies are just beautiful. Listen to the words--such poetry!! That's my favorite kind of music.

Sorry to leave you hanging like this, I'll try to do extra haiku tomorrow or something. If someone has an idea for penance, I'm all ears. You can challenge me to something if you want!! 

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