Thursday, June 25, 2009

So it goes.

Today is one of those days where current events remind me of how quickly life can change. One celebrity lost a long battle for her life, while another died quite unexpectedly. Any death, celebrity or not, is a good reminder to the living not to take anything for granted. I first learned that lesson when my father died. He was diagnosed with leukemia on Christmas Eve and was dead four days later. We hardly had time to adjust to him being in the hospital and having cancer before he was just gone. It's still hard to believe sometimes; I've had a recurring daydream where someday I'll have a knock at the door and when I answer it he'll be standing on the front step with a big grin and a hell of a story. It's getting less and less frequent, but it's still in the back of my mind.

I am fighting off a scratchy throat today; I hope my sister-in-law didn't leave me her cold when she left last weekend. We have a busy social schedule over the next few days: a concert at an outdoor venue tomorrow night, a barbeque with friends on Saturday afternoon, and a trip to the zoo with my siblings on Sunday. I'd like to be at full strength to keep up with said schedule. Perhaps going to bed before midnight tonight is in order. 

Haiku News

Fawcett, MJ dead;
one lit up the TV screen,
one kept 'em dancing.

On a happier note,
point jump on the Dow.

Damn right, Gov. Sanford,
you will pay S.C. right back
for Argentina!!

Monkey urinates
on Zambian President:
DIY punch line!


Mimi said...

You made me cry. Sometimes I still think I see him - just a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. It makes me feel good to talk about him. :-) I do it all the time! Glad you're going to the zoo. The weekend sounds like loads of fun. Go to bed. Now! XOXOXOXOOXOX

Anonymous said...

Love him or loathe him,
Michael Jackson made his mark
With his songs and moves.