Saturday, June 20, 2009

Late night blogging...

Okay, I have a headache so I am sorry if this is not up to my usual standards. I had a lovely evening with my husband, dinner and a Broadway caliber show...I love living in the city! It's hard to believe that this week will mark 8 years since a couple of 22-year-olds fresh out of college and with no idea what they would do for careers got married. Time flies when you're having fun. 

Insert your own fanfare sound effect here, I give you my poem based on my non-iPod 8-mile run this morning. Bear in mind, this is a rough draft.

Thoughts on 8 Miles


I wish I had

Remembered to set my

Alarm last night, now it’s too hot


Let’s see…

Can I recall

The route I set last night?

No, here’s a better trail. Now there’s

No cars.

Oh, dear.

Why does that guy

Think he can wear tiny

Exercise briefs and stretch a black


Not that

I’m trying to

Set any speed records,

But why is everyone out here


Guy with

A cute dog, which

Knows just how to keep cool:

Jumping in every puddle here.

Wet dog!

Oh, crap.

Mental math sucks;

I ran this path too far.

Now I have a mile for cool down.

Oh, well.

The song

That keeps playing

In my head (since no iPod):

Jewel's “Standing Still”. Apropos;

I’m slow.


Hurting, a mile

Left. Keep running, left, right,

Almost done, can’t give up now, al-


Haiku News

Protesters are met
by batons, water cannons;
Iran's in chaos.

Air France compensates
victims' families with just

Slightly happier news:
Pixar grants girl's dying wish
to see "Up" at home.

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Mimi said...

If this is what you can do with a headache.... WOW!

I'm glad you had a lovely pre anniversary evening. :-)