Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Being sick sucks.


Please forgive me if my blog entry today is not up to my usual standards; I have what feels like the mother of all head colds. I am usually extremely healthy, and I have to think that times like these remind me how good I have it the rest of the time.

I did actually write a little bit of my "novel" last night (I will remove the quotes when I am reasonably certain it will turn into an actual novel), but I'm afraid my brain won't be up to the task tonight. I'll hopefully go back to it again tomorrow. Luckily tonight's poetry challenge is a bit easier than last week's.

Haiku News

says Iran's young idealists
will prevail in time.

Redmond allowed out
Get a proofreader...

Seven people shot
at a Detroit bus stop; one
more reason it sucks.

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