Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Fitness and Cabin Fever

On my off-days from running, I often use the strength training and yoga features on my Wii Fit, my big present from my recent 30th birthday. I very much enjoy this, and I believe it has done me a lot of good in my training, as well as providing some much-needed definition, particularly in my legs and abdomen.

My one complaint about Wii Fit is the Body Test. The test itself can be useful--it motivates me to do it more than a few times a week--but it contradicts itself. See, when you do a Body Test, the balance board "weighs" you as well as measuring your center of balance, etc. While at some point, the Wii Fit program assures you that it is normal for your weight to fluctuate by 2 pounds in either direction over the course of a day, if you weigh more than 1 pound more than you did the last time you did a Body Test, it makes you "think about the causes of your weight gain." It actually forces you to choose a pre-set reason for it, such as "eating too much," "not exercising," and "eating too late." This is infuriating, both because the program already tells you it's normal to fluctuate that much, and because if you are on a diet and are following it faithfully (like I have been since February), none of their "reasons" describe the reason for it. Thank goodness that hasn't happened all that often, but when it does, I usually just choose "I don't know." Ugh!!!

It seems like I've had one day of decently-warm, nice weather in the past month, surrounded by unseasonably-cold or rainy days. This is horrible when I'm home all day with my son. I enjoy getting out on a long walk after his nap, and when I can't get out, I feel somewhat trapped. I like to be able to get out in the fresh air and stretch my legs, and I tend to call my mom or my husband and have some nice adult conversation that isn't quite as possible while watching my little one lay waste to the interior of my home. I just hope the weather will take an extended positive turn sometime soon, or our walls may soon feature claw marks from my frustration at being trapped inside.

I don't have a good way to segue to this, so I'll just throw it out there. My wonderful husband has a delightful mostly-baseball blog here, and I wrote a guest post for him last weekend, outlining my picks for the hottest baseball players. You can read that here if you want. I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

Haiku News

Rottweiler adopts
abandoned wolf cub--oh, my...
cuteness overload.

VA clinics failed
colonoscopy inquest;
maybe gave vets AIDS?!

RIP, Bogle;
where would the world be without
"Hawaii Five-O"?


Rachel said...

I just had to say that the Wii also needs the "I'm pregnant and supposed to gain weight" reason. It really is irritating that you are so limited with the options and it shouldn't even say anything as long as you are within the 2 lb range.

Minerva said...

Rachel, I totally agree. I am not looking forward to dealing with that oversight eventually!!