Monday, June 15, 2009

The Climb...

Today, I discovered that my 16-month-old son can climb stairs. He had never attempted it before, but today I suddenly realized he was not just at the foot of the staircase, but four or five stairs up it. He is not merely crawling up the stairs; he will lean against one a few steps higher, step up, then stand there for a second before repeating the process. This is at once amazing and terrifying. I am glad he has figured it out--it is a wonderful physical milestone--but I am afraid one day he will do it when I am not right behind him and fall down the stairs. That's when the bottom-of-the-stair gate will come out, I suppose. 

What can I learn from this? First of all, I need to sharpen my maternal instinct of noticing when it's too quiet in my house. Second, I can remember what gusto and bravery my son mustered up with which to undertake the seemingly-insurmountable staircase. He must have been thinking about conquering it for days, even weeks, in order to best that mountain. Yet he waited, biding his time, for the perfect opportunity to strike. And succeed he did, without any apparent fear. He has a lot to teach me, I can see it already.

Don't be shy, lurkers, you may post your haiku anonymously if you wish. I want to read what's been dancing in your head for the last week. I will post the new Challenge tomorrow.

Haiku News

Teenager accused
of mutilating pet cats;
was it worth it, punk?

They're "not breaking glass,
they are breaking tyranny."
Wear green tomorrow. will help
if you're stumped on which movie
to see next weekend.


Isis the Scientist said...

Don't fret, Minerva. He'll only fall a few times. Remember Little Isis's eye when we cam to visit at Easter? Entirely healed and he's only a little disfigured.

Stephanie Nelson said...

Climbing on the stairs
Teetering back and forward
I hope he makes it.

In honor of "the climb"! =)

Stephanie Nelson said...

Shopping at Target
Mom can I have this and that?
I keep saying no.

This is how my morning went.

Stephanie Nelson said...

Crying from the crib
What happened to her big nap?
So much for a break.

Minerva said...

An excellent trio of haiku, Stephanie! Bonus points for topicality. Thanks for your contributions!

Anonymous said...

Doctor Isis wants
A message related to you
Regarding some "keeeeeel".

Anonymous said...

That should have been "relayed". Haiku Fail.

Doctor Isis wants
A message relayed to you
Regarding some "keeeeeel".

Eppendork said...

The great goddess said we must come and lay tidings at your feet oh great Minerva oh wise one - so I have sallied forth!


PS: if it is quiet they are always doing something that they shouldn't!

Minerva said...

@Eppendork: Salutations! The Goddess will be appeased that you have done her bidding.

The sad part is that I already knew he is probably doing something not-okay when he is quiet, I just got distracted for a minute...

Minerva said...

@anonymous: never fear, I shall not fail to continue my blog from now on.

No "keeling" needed;
I'll blog while my baby sleeps,
no more homework--WIN.

Mimi said...

Closing bottom gate
No longer any option,
or baby falls come!

Grandmothers MUST comment, you know...though I'm sure you take very good care of our most precious boy.