Saturday, June 27, 2009

On burning WAY too many calories...

So, I was assigned by my half marathon training program to run 9 miles today. I did that, although somewhat slowly, since I didn't get out there till about noon and the high today was 88. At least I had my iPod, that can distract me a bit so it doesn't seem quite as long. I only had a little while to stretch and wait on the boy to wake up from what turned out to be a VERY long nap, then got in the shower and got ready for the BBQ. My lovely husband suggested we take advantage of the nice weather and walk. I am used to walking above and beyond my running requirements, so I agreed, but walking nearly 2 miles on a nearly-empty stomach is not recommended. We made it, it was fun, then we turned around and walked the nearly-2-miles home again. What's funny is that my husband was needing to lie down while I got Jamie a little bit more food, a bath, and bedtime. I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow, but at least it's my rest day. I have until the late afternoon to recover until we go to the zoo with my siblings and their families. It should be a nice day, not nearly as scorching hot as the past few have been. I am looking forward to a zoo trip that's not freezing, as one of my good friends could tell you it was when we tried to go in April. Brr!!

Haiku News

MJ's death is sad,
but is not more important
than Iran's troubles!

Boo-hoo, Ponzi man,
now the Feds took all your stuff.
Feel your victims' pain!

not deported after all,
brings awareness, though.


Mimi said...

Mmmmmm zoo junk food. Ice cream. Hot pretzels. Cotton candy. No guilt! Say hello to the giraffes for me.

Funny about Bill needing to rest. He runs on the treadmill all the time...I wouldn't think that walk would have made him so tired.

Anonymous said...

Semi-extended Haiku News Commentary

We've seen it before--
This focus on trivia
Forces out real news.

Unfortunately, seems set
To have it his way.

The dissenters' strength
Does not appear sufficient
To force a re-vote.


Minerva said...

I am hoping that even if the protesters do not achieve their aim of a re-vote, it will start to tip the balance of Iran toward a freer state, and with the next election they will win real change. Or a revolution. But hopefully something that doesn't cost them way too many lives. We can hope, I guess...