Friday, December 19, 2008

On running out of tupperware...

So, I have officially become a baking maniac. I believe I now have five different kinds of cookies in the house, and I have completely run out of receptacles into which to put any more cookies. So either I need to get some more containers or I need to stop baking. At least I know I can bring a lot of these cookies to Christmas at my brother's house, but I really wanted to try 3 more recipes I read in my last issue of Cooking Light. I know, can a cookie listed in a "healthy" magazine really be good? In a word, YES. I have made anise tea crescents, Lebkuchen (a kind of German gingerbread), peppermint cheesecake brownies, and peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies from said magazine, and not only are they delicious, they are relatively low in fat and calories. So I don't feel quite as bad eating too many of them. :)

That said, I need to spend more time with my wonderful husband. So I'd better stop writing and pay him some attention. Adieu.

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paige said...

ziplock bags :) 's what i've started to use instead of tupperwear. Your baking sounds yum.