Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday's blog, in spirit :)

So, the time got away from me today. I have my husband's family in town and we ended up seeing a late movie. Nutshell: "Away We Go" is great. I will hopefully write a more extensive review later but I am hoping to get up early to run 8 miles tomorrow morning, so can't spend a ton of time blogging just now.

My son is such a ham. The minute Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie walked through the door, he was all big smiles and "HI!!!!" and was nonstop giggles and grins until bedtime, when he went down without a peep. Not that he's so cranky usually, but he seems extra "on" when family is visiting. He is just at the stage where he will walk fast/run to a family member and give him/her a hug. So cute!

No more cinquains since yesterday, but we have a few haiku comments on yesterday's thread. :)
Keep 'em coming, folks! I love it!! (Comments are not required to be in poem form, btw, I just enjoy it.)

Haiku News

Essex teenager
survives lightning strike because
she had an iPod.

Toll House cookie dough
recalled due to E. coli;
that's why raw is bad!!!

Great guy of the day:
ex-boyfriend of dead woman
adopts her kids. Wow.

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