Saturday, October 3, 2009


That was our friends' wedding we attended this evening, in a word. They were married in a smallish vintage movie theater downtown and hired a truly excellent caterer. The passed hors d'oevres included brie and pear mini quesadillas, bite-sized guacamole and corn salsa cups, gorgonzola cheese quiches, and even fish and chips. The dinner consisted of a bit heavier bite-sized offerings. My favorites were savory cheese "cookies" with chipotle jelly (served on sticks!), mini chicken pot pies, meatloaf "cupcakes" with mashed potato "icing," skewered shrimp with pineapple, and fried risotto cakes. Dessert was a pie bar in lieu of cake. The pieces were smallish so I sampled the mixed berry, apple, and lemon meringue, but they also had strawberry and pecan. The bride and groom, after spending about 10 minutes trying to cut a piece out of their pie for the "cake cutting" portion of the evening, ended up picking up the entire pie and taking bites out of it. Too funny.

The following day we flew in to Minnesota for the day to witness what was supposed to be the last Twins game ever at the Metrodome, which was extremely exciting. Although I can appreciate a good pitchers' duel, I also like the big blowouts for the team I'm rooting for--we got to cheer for five home runs. The place was sold out, too, so the noise level was pretty intense. Oh, and my dear husband's father got us hot dogs, only he got the jumbo ones, which are like two feet long. I called it "eight days of meat," because it really is. It took me forever to finish it, and where I'd usually want something else by the end of a three-hour game, not this time! That was a workout in itself.

On our way home very early this morning, I was made aware of an FAA regulation that I'd never seen enforced before. Apparently, we were supposed to bring proof of our son's age since he did not have his own ticket on this flight. He has flown nine other times without a word of this to us, which is what we told the ticketing agent, but she would hear nothing of it and insisted if we couldn't prove to her that he was under two, we would have to buy him a ticket to take him home. Unfortunately, on top of this distressing news, the woman decided to talk to us as if we were idiots and repeat herself unendingly. She asked us if we had any proof of his age no less than five times. After the fifth time, my husband told her "Why the hell do you keep asking us that, we already told you we don't," to which she said he didn't have to curse at her, and that he should really think about what he is saying in the presence of his child. Um, what??? Finally, I had to page my pediatrician (it was too early for the office to be open) just to have her tell the lady our son is 20 months old. While we were waiting for her to call back, the lady said "make sure to let me know when HE calls back." Um, lady? My pediatrician's office has at least ten doctors, only one of whom is a male. Does that make them bad doctors or something?? Our pediatrician hadn't heard of that requirement either, so it must be a fairly new thing to enforce. In any case, we'll have to get a little copy of his birth certificate in case they ask for it again, I guess. Grrr. 

Finally, I noticed that no one has yet taken on the ode. I don't know what to do about that development; I'd like to write something else soon, but it's kind of depressing to leave the last challenge behind with no entries. What do you all think I should do? I'm also open to suggestions on what the next challenge should be. Please let me know!

Haiku News

Method Man's method
apparently involves a bit
of tax evasion.

People say sex sells,
but it doesn't sell as much
in this recession.


Mimi said...

I'm afraid I would have called Grandma and had her tell the ticket agent how old he was! How would she know who she was talking to? Bad me! He is getting big enough to BE two, and that's probably what triggered her question. Four more months and you will have to buy him his own seat anyway.

Minerva said...

Yes, I know. Someone at the park the other day said she thought he was two when she asked how old he was. Sigh, he's so big!!

Alicia said...

I'm so sorry about not getting an Ode up! For some reason it's really hard for me. I'm over-thinking it. I'll just post what I have today :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got nuthin', ode-wise. Not even anything Meta. No-how.

I've been so busybusybusy, I didn't look at it seriously until yesterday, and now I just can't get a grip on it. I'm going to have to pass.