Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallows Eve.

I wasn't sure how my little guy would react when I coaxed him into his costume this year. I knew he could take or leave head coverings (mostly leave 'em), and that the one time I'd tried to put mittens on him he took one off within an hour, and this costume had a hood and little mittens for the "paws." Miraculously, he seemed to enjoy becoming a dragon for the afternoon. The tail didn't bother him at all, he rather enjoyed the wings, and he seemed to like having to lift a dragon-snout out of his eyes from time to time. When we got back from our jaunt in the local merchant district, I coaxed the mittens on, and to my shock, they stayed on for at least an hour. What a great kid.

Haiku News

Indians find nine missing
passengers post-crash.

Navy sailor cleans
gun, accidentally fires on
Poland--oops, my bad.

Before you turn in,
don't forget to set your clocks
one hour behind.

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