Friday, October 9, 2009


I was determined to actually get some of the long-neglected house chores done today, so I sacrificed my usual mini-run during my boy's naptime to get a head start on it. Thank goodness I did since he decided an hour and a half was sufficient instead of his usual 2-3 hours. Sigh. I got the laundry started and took out two big bags of trash, and took up all the cans that had accumulated in the basement and put them in the recycling bin. After I put the boy down to bed, I steam-cleaned the carpet that my annoying dog sometimes treats as her personal restroom. Grr. I'm just glad I actually got some of it done instead of just meaning to, like usual. 

So far I am hearing some glimmerings of interest on doing a weekly poem-analysis thread, perhaps on Thursdays? That would give me a day between the poetry challenge and the analysis thread. Please feel free to comment on yesterday's thread and let me know if you think it would be a worthwhile endeavor. Also, if anyone ever has an idea of a poem which we can use for this analysis (I am thinking to use published poets' works, not our own), please also suggest away.

By the way, Alicia left another poem on the challenge thread; check it out here.

Haiku News

Obama wins the
Nobel Peace Prize; U.S. shocked,
Europe not surprised.

Twelve-year-old girl sues
Phillies for Ryan Howard's
record home-run ball.

Cicely was right:
husband shot gun-toting wife,
but not with her gun.

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marginalia said...

I'll do the analysis thread, if you're still up for it!