Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poetry Challenge #16: Free-for-all!

Before we get started, let me call much-deserved attention to the courage of my lovely friend Alicia, who faced the daunting challenge of the Ode last week. You can read her devoted effort here

I have noticed a certain discouragement among my regular posters in recent challenges; hence the lack of specific assignment this week. I dare you to write a poem. Any poem. You can do any of the types we've covered in past challenges, or some new form I haven't touched on yet. Rhyme or not according to your whim. If you want, you can write the type of poem I'm going to pull out of my memory bank. 

With a nod to my friend and onetime-poetry writing professor, Muser, I will borrow one of his poetry prompts. He asked us to take the letters of our full names and write a poem made entirely out of words you can form from the letters in your name. Because I wrote my poem for Muser before I was married, I have some new letters to work with this time. I may end up with some of the same things, though. We'll see. Warning: this is NOT supposed to make much sense!!

Late Nite Poetry Redux
Sonar in an ear is a cent in a sack.
Error is par on a race: sine or cosine.
A pent pet stacks its crap,
pears pass as sticks sink
as teak in tea.

A con is a cone, a tease picks rice
in a tin net sent in a peck.
Or arks tick tock ten scents,
seek risk, son reeks, stinks, errs.

Increase a sick sin,
sent per pen in repair,
a rare pack on pace
to sack its art.

‘Tis a kink in a trek
apace in a park;
stack ink in air,
tack care in ice.

So, if my name-derived poem intrigues you, have at it. Or do something else that strikes your fancy. Go to it!


Anonymous said...

The easiest thing
Would be to just haiku it
And call the thing 'done'.

Oh, but that would just be cheating,
Like a dieter who's eating
A McBurger just because it's close at hand.

So I'll rack my brain by trying
(To the tune of neurons frying)
To construct a coupla stanzas that sound grand,

Though, in truth, I'm even willing
To be satisfied with filling
Out the spaces with a few that aren't too bland.

And if rhyme fails me
I can console myself that
There's always haiku!


Mimi said...

The poetry muse has deserted
My undeserving brain,
Or maybe my internal editor
Is really the one to blame.

I sit with paper and pencil
the eraser end a must,
For every line that's committed
Three are a terrible bust!

Ah, but here is a glimmer -
an inkling of hope,
I will write of my trials
trusting it won't be a joke.

Minerva said...

Cicely--welcome back! 1,000 points for your insightful pastiche of haiku and verse.

Mimi--welcome back to you too! I have often found that if I just write whatever comes to mind first it often works the best. Sort of like that "first instinct is right" technique they teach for standardized tests? 1,000 points for your meta-poem.

Alicia said...

I'm a fan of the free verse, so I wrote another today.

Just a dream,
So hard to believe
Everything seemed so real.
I touched you,
Held you,
And snuck a kiss
It was all I wanted to feel.
And all too soon
The sun crept in,
Stealing our moment from me.
So I guess for now
I'll hold tight to
The lingering memory.

In the midst of another, but trying to re-work it so I don't sound so much like a stalker. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked that one, Alicia.

I also have a free verse, though shorter and much less artistic.

No good ever comes
of picking the scab
off an old grudge.

Just let it lie.


Minerva said...

Alicia--I like that one, too. I don't think it sounds like a stalker, I got a bit of Act 1 Romeo and Juliet, or perhaps a vampire romance (sunlight stole you from me?) :) 1,000 points for a deliciously ambiguous offering.

Cicely--nearly an epigram of a poem! 1,000 points for a great metaphor (I love the idea of an old wrong having a scab!)

Alicia said...

:) I didn't mean this one sounded stalker-ish, the next one does. It's about music and it sounds a bit like I'm in love with a musician because of his songs. LoL! I'm trying to make it sound better, but I think it will be up tomorrow. I hadn't thought of it like that, but I love your vampire analogy! Perhaps it was a subconcious reference to some of my favorite vamp novels.

Alicia said...

Ok, I think this will be a Heroic Couplet (with a triplet at the end). I wanted to do an actual form of poetry, but I don't know how fond I am of this particular form. It's really rhyme-y and sounds kind of kiddie. So here goes.

You're there for me in every way
It's as easy for me as pressing play.
I cry my tears,
express my fears
or sing with glee
and you never turn your back on me
I'm so grateful for each soothing word
You hear the voice that no one else heard
I find comfort in each melody
Just like you are singing it to me
On days I find it hard to speak
Your music does all teh talking
Saying things I'd never have the courage to
You really help me make it through
Music moves me, fills my soul
And heals me when life takes it's toll
So when I'm depressed or happy
I pick a song and hit 'repeat'
Until I no longer feel the need.

Minerva said...

Alicia--I feel the same way when I come across a song or artist that really strikes a chord with how I am feeling at the time. Depending on my mood or places I've been in my life, these songs/artists change, although I think I've liked a lot of the same ones for most of my adult life. 1,000 points for a great description of such a productive, if virtual, relationship.