Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sometimes life hands you news that makes you feel helpless, or useless. Today that happened to me. I was talking with some of my best friends and found out that at least two or three of them have had a job loss that will cause catastrophic change to their families. They live far away and I can't do anything of value to help them, other than send my sympathy and support from afar. Sigh. 

In other news, no one has yet taken on the pantoum. Try it, it might surprise you how fun it can be. 

Haiku News

Young mom lost heartbeat
for eighteen minutes, survived
by new CPR.

Leona Lewis
punched by some guy in bookstore;
guess he's not a fan.

Limbaugh dropped from bid
to purchase St. Louis Rams;
just a bad idea.

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