Monday, October 12, 2009


Hi. So, when my hubby was putting the boy to bed, I was trying to refill his humidifier so he could have it to help his stuffy nose as he slept tonight. Unfortunately, as I tried to lift the full, moist tank to carry it back upstairs, it slipped out of my hands into the kitchen sink. I immediately tried to pick it up, but that was a bad idea--it cut my littlest finger right at the base, deep enough for it to bleed. Ughhh. Not big enough cut for stitches, just annoying...

So I self-medicated with I'm sorry if this post doesn't really make sense. 

Hey, if anyone has a great idea/request for a type of poem to feature for tomorrow's Poetry Challenge, let me know. I'll need a suggestion by tomorrow night. Thanks!

Haiku News

Jerkwad of the Day:
Guy pretends to be Iraq,
Pentagon veteran.

Thousands of golf balls
found at bottom of Loch Ness;
is Nessie that bad?

OK, what the hell?
British veteran dies after
getting smoker's lungs???

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