Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sniffles n' giggles.

My son woke up with a continuation of his runny nose from yesterday, but blessedly, it didn't affect his sleep last night, nor did it dampen his happy attitude today, so I am quite happy for my fortunate situation. 

The runny nose didn't slow my son down at all; case in point: he has started climbing on all sorts of things. First it was his little plastic chair, that was too near the kitchen table and he started getting things off of it. After I moved that, he moved on to standing on his rocking giraffe and his lion ride-on toy. I guess I should get used to it; next he'll be jumping off of things, right? Boys!!

Haiku News

November issue
of Playboy has Marge Simpson;
I can't make this up!

This guy invented
geothermal energy
for his own resort.

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