Monday, October 19, 2009


Apologies for missing my opportunity to blog yesterday; I was meeting my BFF, Dr. Isis, for a semi-annual date to the spa and some dinner. I was home late and had partaken of some Jameson, so again, my apologies.

Today I discovered a way to attach my dog's leash to my child's stroller, so we were able to avoid the whole find-street-parking-at-the-vet's-office circus and just take the stroller. It was a lovely, comparatively-warm day, so it was actually pleasant. Pair that with my more-intense run this afternoon and another, shorter walk after the boy's nap and I've partially made up for not doing a long run last weekend. I wanted to but my social commitments prevented me from doing so. I did sign up for the last 10K race in my area for the next several months, however. It's next Sunday morning. Amazingly, I've done a handful of 5Ks and a pair each of ten-mile and half marathons, but I've never done an actual 10K race. I've run the distance many times in practice, however, so I'm looking forward to the race.

Before I forget, I want to point everyone's attention to this amazing, topical poem on the whole "balloon boy" story I wrote a haiku about the other day. Thanks to Cicely for bringing it to my attention!

Haiku News

UConn player stabbed,
died after school-sponsored dance;
no suspects just yet.

Facebook and Twitter accounts;
use your common sense.

Gang member added
to FBI's Most Wanted;
new tape says he lives.

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